A Much Needed Break

Many students are sick of school and getting excited for the break coming up

  Third term is said to be the worst term of the school year, given that it’s 10 weeks long. With spring break approaching, students are getting excited. Sophomore Caleigh Sommers has a lot to say. 

     “I am really excited for Spring Break because this is the longest term and the school work is really hard. I’m excited to spend time with family and for my volleyball tournaments over the break,” said Sommers. 

     Sophomore Finley Milligan is also looking forward to the break, but not excited about her plans. “I have two volleyball tournaments over break and I am not very excited because I would rather just relax. However, a break from school is much needed right now so I am looking forward to that,” Milligan said. 

     Most people’s breaks consist of playing sports and traveling, which can be both exhausting and fun at the same time. Sophomore Caroline Ashworth is always busy with sports, but is taking a break to travel.
    “I am going to Utah with my family to watch my brother play lacrosse against Brigham Young University. I am super excited to see him and have some good family time,” Ashworth said. 

  “I am super excited for break because I’m turning fifteen and I will get my permit. I am looking forward to sleeping in and spending time with friends,” says freshman Kaiya Gilbert.