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Senior Vincent Vilt completes school work during his time off due to Covid.

Trapped Indoors

October 20, 2020

Finals and Online Learning, they Don’t Go Together

Lucas Robinson, Reporter

October 19, 2020

Finals are stressful, no doubt about that. They have such a huge impact on our grades, and for most students, that alone can cause stress. We all need a break from work, especially when that work is stressful. I’d say, studyi...

Have you seen the Presidential Debate? Don’t!

Ty Steinbrunner, EIC

October 8, 2020

Before I tick you off or make you want to click off this story, let me tell you something really important right off the bat. Politics frigging suck. I cannot stand talking about them, learning about them, or even thinking ab...

Thor: Ragnarok Review

Logan Shreck, CVTV Anchor

November 8, 2017

Today I will be reviewing 'Thor: Ragnarok'. I would like to start this review with saying that I was heavily anticipating this release and that it has most certainly exceeded my already high expectations.This is the third film...

Prescription Killers

Jane Boyd, Newspaper EIC

October 5, 2017

A local teen crushes up OxyContin and inhales it during a house party, a dose that normally takes 12 hours to run through the body, hits all at once leaving the teenager in an euphoric high. Prescription drug abuse is on the rise for t...

Most Memorable Meals

Alexandria Fisher

November 28, 2016

With the holiday season fast approaching, students of Castle View look back on some of their most memorable meals. The last two months of the year are usually jam packed with vacations, visiting family members, and preparation...

Movie Review with Mackenzie Boltz: Sully

Mackenzie Boltz, Yearbook Photo Editor

October 1, 2016

In this riveting film, written by Todd Komarnicki and directed by Clint Eastwood was based off the true story of airplane pilot, Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger who had to emergency land US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River. R...

So Thanks: A Sarcastic Yearbook Piece

February 23, 2016

CV Student Media - Caleigh Gearheart - So thanks, to when people who tell us there are errors in the book at the end of the year. Number 1, we probably already know about it. Number two, we are only human and we can’t catch...

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Castle Rock!!

February 12, 2016

KAELI ALMICH - CV Student Media -   Look at the rock! If you’re feeling adventurous enough, you can even climb it! What could be more thrilling than climbing a giant piece of rock??? Enjoy our fine cuisine! There are plen...

Sadies – Behind the Scenes

February 8, 2016

JANE BOYD -   CV Student Media -   Sadies is the winter dance held at Castle View. Like homecoming there are a lot of decoration and work that goes into the dance. Student government works for a couple months to make sure ...

Castle View Students Review Halloween Movies

October 31, 2015

By JANE BOYD and KAELI ALMICH - CV Student Media -     Halloween is almost here, to get in the horror mood here are some costumes and movie ideas. Halloween has classic movies for the season. ABC Family plays movies starti...


October 31, 2015

CALEIGH GEARHEART and LIZZIE WILDE - CV Student Media - The word “feminism” is an extremely controversial term in the 20th century. By definition, feminism is the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, so...

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