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Students After Sabercats

Students After Sabercats

Sophi Pinello, Staff Writer
Sep 18, 2022
After a long day of stressful school work, junior Ashlyn Acree leads her team on the softball field. Even though they don’t win every game, the Sabercats are ready for their game at Heritage. Acree was able to keep up her grades so she could play in as many games with her team as possible. “I balance school and sports by taking school really seriously and my social life is pretty much my softball team which it’s nice having a really supportive team. Also, they help me throughout my school and stuff like that,” Acree said.

Hitting the Books

Ryley Lee, Staff Writer
Sep 17, 2022
As sophomore Meghan Winston mounts the bar, she hits her connection and is above horizontal, guaranteeing a 10.00 start value. She attends a meet at Castle Rock Chameleon Gymnastics and ends with a great score. “Sometimes I get nervous but the excitement always kicks in the second a hand touches the apparatus,” Winston says.

Flipping Under Pressure

Katherine King, Staff Writer
Sep 17, 2022
Outfit Options: 
Senior Jocelyn Oceguera drinking boba after a day of classes. After the summer, Oceguera had to organize her wardrobe in a way that fit the school dress code, adjusting to follow them in order to not receive a violation. “I really have to be conscious about making sure my clothes fit me the way the school wants them to,” Oceguera said.

Dress to Impress

Jamie Writer, Staff Writer
Sep 14, 2022
Many students of color are unaware of the numerous opportunities and scholarships catered to them. Senior Elizabeth Flores Quintero says these may not have been as visible to their target audience at CV as they could be. “My college application process so far has not been great,” Flores Quintero said. “I dont know a whole lot of scholarships or opportunities that focus on Hispanic/diverse students. Ive been kind of lost and scared in this whole college application process.”

Lacking Resources

Satori McCormick, Online Editor In Chief
Sep 14, 2022
As the year starts, new faces arrive throughout the building. Mr. Ryan Morken, a new physical education teacher, is excited to work with the Peer Adapted PE team. “I love working with these kids,” Morken said. “I hope to give them a fun and enjoyable time.”

Starting New

Reese Olson, Staff Writer
Sep 14, 2022

Triple Threat

Feb 16, 2022


Feb 15, 2022

Wrap and Roll

Logan Weir, Staff
Feb 15, 2022
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