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CVTV - December 5, 2022
CVTV - December 5, 2022
Dec 4, 2022

This week on CVTV we have a special teacher highlight on Mr. Beltre, small business highlight on The Castle Rock Collective, remembering Pearl...

All of the volleyball seniors take pictures with their families and the rest of the seniors. Lauren Gonzalez takes photos with her parents for the last time during high school season. “ The best part is being able to do all the experiences like dressing up for games.” said Gonzalez.
Saying Goodbye to Seniors
Hannah Cicero, Staffer • Nov 18, 2022

    For seniors, it’s the last of everything. Last home game, last showdown, last homecoming and more. Over the years these two seniors have...

Brenna Wendell (far left) watches as Mari Boekes (facing camera) hugs Reese Plummer after the regional race. Both girls were feeling disappointed. I think at that time she needed to hear someone say she was proud of her, Boekes said.
Cross-Country Girls' Team Faces Tough Regional Meet
Mitchell Davis, Contributing Editor • Nov 1, 2022

When the girls' team arrived in Colorado Springs for the regional meet on Thursday, October 20, they knew there was a fight ahead of them. Last...

Blake Royer (left) and Rylan Frueh watch a video while waiting to run at the Liberty Bell meet on Sep. 10. Blake and Rylan both have older siblings who got them into cross-country.
Running in the Family
Mitchell Davis, Contributing Editor • Oct 10, 2022

In English, the metaphor "blood is thicker than water" is used to say that family ties are stronger than friendship ties. People tend to...

Would Tutoring be Helpful to CV Students
Elena Hunsinger, Staff • Dec 6, 2022
CV Student during her passing period, working to catch up for her economics class.
Would Tutoring be Helpful to CV Students
CV Junior Emerson Gosling expresses the need for tutoring services for students
Elena Hunsinger, Staff • Dec 6, 2022
Example of the 2024 CV schedule; 7 periods instead of the usual 4.
Juniors vs. Schedule change
Juniors question the new CV schedule for 2024, as it's changing their last year of high school.
Elena Hunsinger Nov 10, 2022
Secure Your Future
For the class of 2024, senior year is right around the corner and college is a big decision ahead of many of these students’, and every part of choosing the future path.
Reese Olson, Staffer • Nov 10, 2022
SAT - Stress Anxiety Trauma
SATs cause more problems than they solve
CJ Brammer, Staffer • Nov 11, 2022
Stuffing Day
What’re the most unhealthy foods to eat for Thanksgiving?
Wyatt Blickenstaff, Staffer • Nov 10, 2022
Students After Sabercats
Students After Sabercats
Goals of past student athletes and media staff compared to current athletes' goals
Sophi Pinello, Staff Writer • Sep 18, 2022
As sophomore Meghan Winston mounts the bar, she hits her connection and is above horizontal, guaranteeing a 10.00 start value. She attends a meet at Castle Rock Chameleon Gymnastics and ends with a great score. “Sometimes I get nervous but the excitement always kicks in the second a hand touches the apparatus,” Winston says.
Flipping Under Pressure
Gymnasts at CV are under a lot of pressure dealing with their practice schedule and after-school activities
Katherine King, Staff Writer • Sep 17, 2022
Outfit Options: 
Senior Jocelyn Oceguera drinking boba after a day of classes. After the summer, Oceguera had to organize her wardrobe in a way that fit the school dress code, adjusting to follow them in order to not receive a violation. “I really have to be conscious about making sure my clothes fit me the way the school wants them to,” Oceguera said.
Dress to Impress
Jocelyn Oceguera speaks on the stricter enforcement of the dress code policies
Jamie Writer, Staff Writer • Sep 14, 2022
Friends not food
Caitlin Miller, Staffer • Nov 17, 2022
Stuffing Day
Wyatt Blickenstaff, Staffer • Nov 10, 2022
A representation of potential inclusivity at Castle View demonstrates the progress that has been made. This message sits outside of Mr. Yaryan’s room, where the GSA club meets. Though there has been some progress, there is much more that needs to be done. “I’ve definitely received negative treatment because of my sexuality. I didn’t talk to [the] administration because I’ve dealt with this stuff my whole life and I don’t really let it get to me,” Middleton said.
From Speech to Slurs
Brooke Coffman, Staff Writer • Sep 10, 2022
CV Student during her passing period, working to catch up for her economics class.
Would Tutoring be Helpful to CV Students
Elena Hunsinger, Staff • Dec 6, 2022
CVTV October, 10 2022
CVTV October, 10 2022
Oct 10, 2022
At the beginning of a new school year, Student Government is eager to create a school year filled with fun memories. Student Bailee Blake is confident that they can create a fun- filled year with a great environment at Castle View High School. “Student government is ready for this [by] expanding ideas with more events, giving it all for Hoco and Showdown and getting a better school spirit. We have a lot more people leading by example this year. I think that they will for sure push for a better environment,” Blake said.
Clique Culture
CJ Brammer, Staff Writer • Sep 20, 2022
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