The Quest for the Origins of Easter

How do people think Easter started?

Easter is a Christian holiday where Christians celebrate the rising of Jesus three days after his crucifixion. It’s a Holiday where a mythical creature called the “Easter Bunny” hides eggs around the world for little kids to find and be filled with candy and other assortments or prizes. But a giant rabbit didn’t come for a little while. So what came first? What was the first celebration of Easter?

“I think it was a pagan holiday that celebrated the pagan goddess ‘Eostre’, then the whole Jesus thing happened and Christians warped the holiday into their thing,” says freshmen Luke Keeny. “Easter began with a paegan festival celebrating spring in the northern hemisphere long before Christianity,” says Freshman Kaylee Magowan.

Eostre is the goddess of dawn in pagan beliefs and was celebrated on the spring equinox. One of the views is that Eostre came first but what about other views?

“Jesus died, then he decided not to,” says Freshman Zack Hagood. “It’s about Christians celebrating Easter because they believed that Jesus Christ was resurrected three days after his execution,” says Junior Luke McCauly.

The origins of Easter is a wide debate across the world and nobody knows how it started. Having a good idea on how it did will give people faith until we do know how it originated.