Veteran Baller

Clayton Hood, sophomore, has been playing basketball for 8 years and explains why he hasn’t given up.

Clayton Hood plays in a basketball tournament to get practice for the upcoming season.

Alexa: How long have you been playing basketball?

Hood: “Since second grade so 7-8 years,” Hood said.

Alexa: What made you want to play basketball?

Hood: “It was second grade, I just was playing sports, but made me want to play competitively just because I was really passionate about the sport and I had fun,” Hood said.

Alexa: What was your best moment playing basketball?

Hood: “Best moment was probably one of the times I was playing club and we were playing our rival team, we beat them and I have 22-24 points,” Hood said.

Alexa: What are 3 reasons you enjoy playing?

Hood: “I like the bond that I have with my teammates, it can also be an escape from everything bad going on, and because it’s fun,” Hood said.

Alexa: What do you wanna improve as a player?

Hood: “Creating offense is one thing I want to improve,” Hood said.