Out of Sight

Sophomore Jackson Coyne hasn’t let an debilitating eye-disease keep him off the court.
Out of Sight

Jackson Coyne could see perfectly out of both of his eyes until one day in the summer of 7th grade. While shooting archery, he noticed that his right eye was kinda blurry. He didn’t think anything of it at the time, but his eye was going blind. He would later be diagnosed with Coats’ Disease. According to HopkinsMedicine.org, a medical website, Coats’ Disease is “a rare eye disease in which blood vessels in the retina leak blood and fluid into and behind the retina, often leading to blindness”., 

Jackson has already had two surgeries, and will have to get one more this summer. He will possibly  have to get more surgeries as he gets older.

Coats disease is really rare; only .09 out of one hundred thousand people have it. Although he has diminished vision, Jackson still plays sports such as football and basketball. Due to his eye, he has to wear goggles to protect his right eye.  He did have to stop playing baseball because he couldn’t see the ball due to his lack of depth perception and vision. Jackson said, “I was pretty sad. Baseball was my best sport.” 

 Jackson is talented basketball player.  He was the top player at Castle Rock Middle School in 8th grade. “Yea, it was cool I got more friends and people started to go to the games,” said Jackson.

When he came to Castle View he made the Sophomore basketball team as a freshman and got the most minutes as a freshman on that team. As a  Sophomore, he made Junior Varsity and was the only one in his class (2026) to make a team higher than his grade level. “Yea, I think so (he overcame his eye issues because he is) on JV basketball.” said Drew Klaus 

All of his friends and most of the people in the class of 2026 would say that he is the best basketball player in that class. Chase Hancock said “Yea I think that he is really good,” on Jackson playing basketball with his eye  

Jackson Coyne is a role model that proved that you are the only person that can hold yourself back.  Interviews with Chase Hancock and Drew Klaus   

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