Securing Community Service 

A student goes through a step by step process on how to submit community service hours. 


Photo Courtesy of Addison Beaudoin

LASER FOCUS: Due to COVID-19 seniors no longer have to have 20 hours of community service to graduate, so instead, senior Addison Beaudoin is spending his time playing hockey. Completing community service hours was taking up a lot of time for Beaudoin. “I only have two hours and since we don’t need them to graduate anymore, I won’t submit anymore,” Beaudoin said.

STEP 1: Get the blank form from the counseling office.

“I went and got the volunteer form.” 

STEP 2: Participate in some act of community service.

“I went to my hockey club and did community service for them.” 

STEP 3: Have the supervisor sign and evaluate your performance.

“After I did my community service, I got them to sign the form saying I did it.”

STEP 4: Reflect on your time doing community service and fill out the reflection questions on the back of the form.

STEP 5: Turn in the completed form to the counseling office.

“The last step was I turned the form into the front desk in the counseling office and my volunteer hours were submitting,” Beaudoin said.