Stuffing Day

What’re the most unhealthy foods to eat for Thanksgiving?

Everyone should know what they eat on Thanksgiving. Everything may be tasty, but is it really good for your health?  In last year’s edition, the most healthy Thanksgiving food was discussed. This year, the most unhealthy food. 

Last year, the best was brought down to five foods. Roasted vegetables are healthy. They have the same properties as basic vegetables, meaning they only have 179 calories per package. Another good source of healthy foods is turkey. The white meat provided by turkey contains lots of protein and iron. It only contains 153 calories per ounce. Another one is pumpkin pie. This is a dish that can go either way, but compared to other pies such as pecan, it’s a healthier option. Another healthy dish is green beans. Green beans provide a lot of protein and are not as starchy as other beans. The last healthy dish listed was sweet potatoes. Stay away from the canned ones, though, for those provide more sugar and syrup. Other than that, sweet potatoes are relatively healthy.

As lovely as most Thanksgiving foods are, a lot can be bad for the body. One delicious food is stuffing. As delicious as it is, stuffing contains a lot of fatty substances and one cup has nearly 700 calories. Jeez, that’s a lot! Here’s one that’s not as enjoyable. Cranberry sauce is quite unhealthy. It contains nearly 440 calories per cup. As mentioned before, pecan pies are delicious, yet deadly. A slice of this pie contains 503 calories and 27 grams of fat, making it one of the most harmful dishes. The fourth example of damaging foods is, unfortunately, gravy. The gravy contains super fatty substances. The final dish has to go to green bean casserole. Green beans by themselves are an excellent source of protein, but turning them into a casserole can actually get rid of some of that nutrition due to fat, sodium, and calories.

These dishes can most certainly ruin the morning after Thanksgiving. All the fat, calories, and sodium will most certainly give a nasty stomach ache. With a little advice on what to eat, it can make the next day all the lot better.