Starting New

Despite the school year’s changes, teachers and students are ready to work together


Reese Olson

As the year starts, new faces arrive throughout the building. Mr. Ryan Morken, a new physical education teacher, is excited to work with the Peer Adapted PE team. “I love working with these kids,” Morken said. “I hope to give them a fun and enjoyable time.”

     With the new school year arriving, many new changes have arisen not only for the students, but also the new faculty. For junior Ryann Longdon, seeing all of the new teachers walking around the hallways has been a mix of emotions and thoughts.

     “Seeing all of the newer teachers walking around the halls is pretty cool; seeing all of the new faces as well as getting to know each of them,” Longdon said. 

     Physical education teacher Mr. Ryan Morken has transitioned from teaching at Castle Rock Middle School to Castle View, and for him, the change has been worth it.

     “Change is always challenging no matter your stage in life, but I’ve wanted [to teach] high school for 15 years and my colleagues have been super supportive,” Morken said.

     Even though change can throw students for a ride sometimes, it may be for the best in many ways. For example: the shift from younger to older kids for Morken.

     “Older kids actually come more naturally for me. You can have a real conversation because they’re more like young adults,” Morken said.

     As there are modifications around the building, Longdon said that adaptation is a key piece in order to be successful in the process.

     “I have been adapting to having a couple new teachers okay. It can just be tricky to understand the way they may teach or just to even learn sometimes, but it’s going well,” Longdon said.

     For the start of term one, Longdon is taking a class from a newer staff member who is currently teaching her in the American Sign Language I class. As a class, they have had to be accepting and patient of the adjustments in the classroom.

     “I feel like as a class, we have been very accepting and patient, as well as understanding of our new teacher, most importantly the way he teaches us,” Longdon said.

     As the year continues, the community here will continue to grow and come together, even as changes will continue to show.