Star Wars vs. Jurassic Park

Which franchise is better

    2022 is the year for both franchises. With the new Jurassic World movie and multiple Star Wars shows on Disney + releasing, students share opinions about what franchise they enjoy more. 

    Jurassic Park fans are getting a new movie in June of this year while Star Wars fans are getting multiple shows throughout the year. Students enjoy sharing what they like the most and why one franchise is better than the other. 

    “I like Star Wars because it’s a perfect example of a sci-fi movie that has a lot of action and is also a classic series that is really iconic to the world,” said Junior Alex Germano.

“Star Wars has a wide variety of settings and has a plot that can be branched out into many different areas, whereas Jurassic Park/world is taken place usually on an island and sometimes on the mainland and has the potential to spread its plot out. Although I still love them both.”

  According to Germano, Star Wars is better due to the plot and the fact that it’s in the sci-fi genre. Another student, Junior Jacob Myers enjoys Jurassic Park over Star Wars due to the plot and overall story uniqueness.  

    “I like Jurassic Park because it has a unique plot with adding dinosaurs into the modern world with a sense of adventure and survival involved,” said Myers. “Jurassic Park is better because it has to do with Dinosaurs mixed with the modern world, but they are still both lovable.”

  Star Wars and Jurassic Park are equally loved by Germano and Myers, but alongside their opinions, which franchise wins based on your own opinion?