Music Review: Insert Album Name Here V.2

Castle View student produces own music
Music Review: Insert Album Name Here V.2

This album produced by Student James Holland contains nine pieces of music consisting of “Coming Back,” “Uninspired Reality,” “The Cafe Looks Very Empty Today,” “Oak,” “Not Ideal But Its Ok,” “Perhaps Next Season When Things Clear Up,” “Coming Back,” “Golden Opportunity,” and,” Caterpillars” all of which are produced and published by James. I.A.N.H was published on June 10th, 2023, and is available now on Spotify.
My first thought of this album is that the music has a tone that is chill and relaxed which makes this an album you can easily listen to when doing menial tasks. This album also has a small story in a few of its songs such as in “Coming Home” and “Catterpillers” where at the beginning and the end you can hear someone going on with their daily life such as starting a car or going inside which I liked as it gave some context to the music. I enjoyed most of the music in the album but some I did not such as (The Cafe Looks Very Empty Today) and (Alkirest) which I feel both have too much going on in the background and need to be clearer to follow. My favorite songs of the album are (Not Ideal but Ok) and (Intercom) as both have the best rhythm of the album and I can see myself driving to school and listening to both of these songs.
The author feels his work should be seen as “A progression of time between my Erler songs.” James also says “The title represents that as being version two”. I agree with this if you listen to his earlier music it is obvious that his music has changed as time went on. This also explains why in some of the songs there are lyrics that dont make sense to me in some of the music.
Though this is a good album. It has its flaws, but the main problem is the songs are too short so the feel and rhythm are always changing.

Spotify: James Holland

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