Boys baseball team prepares for their season.

Q: What are you most excited about?


  • “I am most excited about being able to get back out on the field and get all the boys back together,” Henak said
  • “I am most excited to be able to play a normal season this year and hopefully we will get a lot of fans,” Newman said.

Q: How are you going to do?


  • “ I think that I will do good this year because its my senior year and I want to make sure that I do good so I’ll make sure I give it my best,” Henak said.
  • “I know that I will do well this year because I have been playing club and so my skills won’t be off and I’ll be ready,” Newman said

Q: What’s the best part of highschool ball?


  • “The best part of highschool ball is that I get to play with all my friends and be able to see the talent from all grades,” Henak said.
  • “The best part of highschool baseball is that I get to be with all my boys and I just feel like it’s more competitive,” Newman said

Q: How will the team do?


  • “I think the team will do pretty good this year, we got some kids that can ball,” Henak said.
  • “I have a good feeling that the team will do pretty good this year,” Newman said.