Getting back on my Feet

Freshman Zachery Bitton recovering after an ACL knee injury 

 Bitton, an outside linebacker and quarterback on the JV team at Castle view tore his ACL in his knee while at practice a few weeks ago. 

  “I tackled someone and landed wrong and then went back in later and made a cut and my knee just collapsed and popped three times,” Bitton said.  

  He is out for 9 months or until his leg is fully healed. When asked what he’ll be doing for the next few months he said “Just helping my team out, coaching them sometimes if they need help. Being a ballboy, water boy. And just rehabbing my leg.”

  He still wants to be involved in the team and as soon as he is feeling better he can get back to doing what he loves.  Bitton will still be at practice and games, learning and observing how the team is doing and what he can do when he gets back on the field.