Mask Mandate within Castle View

As of Sept.1, 2021 masks were required to students ages 2+ inside of Douglas County schools

 As of Sept. 1, 2021 a mask mandate started for students ages 2+ inside of school, due to a mandate from the Tri-County Health department. This could be amended, rescinded or extended.

Mask on. Freshman Evan Romero wears his mask before class starts on Sept. 14. Romero wears his mask as the mandate had made him. “Because the mandate told me to,” Romero said when asked why he was wearing a mask.

The board would have to come together and form another  The board would have to do this if it is the best for the public. The Tri-County Health department (TCHD) will make this decision based on what they feel is right and is in the best interest of the public. 

          Due to this, Douglas County as a whole will be leaving as a result of this change of policy. They will be making their own health department. This was made through a unanimous decision. Before, Douglas County had said that they would, but did not end up following through. They had said this last year during another mandate that was put forth for TCHD. Though there was no follow through.

         “I know that we need to wear them and that the Douglas County school district is breaking out of Tri-County health,” freshman Micah Reynolds said. 

          While the school district can not leave TCHD, the county as a whole can and because of that they plan on doing so. They are not able to officially leave until September 30, 2021. Thus, the mandate will stick through its fullest unless altered in some way. 

          “I know that Douglas County has been opting out of it but they officially can’t opt out of it because everyone is scared of the 5th wave of COVID,” Sophomore Annabelle Tibaldo said. 

         Douglas County is doing everything in their power to leave, but there is a process  to start a new organization as well as to officially leave the TCHD. Even though Douglas County could leave TCHD, the school district could make masks mandatory.

        “Whenever they say it ends,” science teacher Mr. Chis Yaryan said. He is doing as the school and TCHD says. He doesn’t know when it will end. Other students as well don’t know when it will end.

       “I don’t think anyone really knows for sure. But I’m hoping it will end in 1-2 months,” freshman Micah Reynolds said. He doesn’t know when the mask mandate will and thinks no one else does.