Gassed Up

Gas prices in Colorado have been skyrocketing, but why?

This year, Colorado has seen some extreme changes at its gas stations. From what most believe was election-impacted, gas prices all over Colorado are seemingly more expensive. Whether it’s diesel, unleaded, or premium – all types of fuel have seen some increase in price, and most high schoolers aren’t having it.

As more and more teenagers reach the driving age, Castle Rock begins to see more and more student drivers. Popular gas stations like Maverick and 7/11 are known for attracting many of Castle Views’ busy drivers, allowing the pump stations to become social hotspots. Senior Daniel Watling, owner of a Ford Focus ST shares his opinion on the change in gas prices.

“It’s affected the amount I drive. Before gas prices rose, a (full) tank was around $25.00”, Watling said.

Speculation arises as many wonder what led to the increases in gas prices. Some think because of the recent election that the economy is adapting to some new changes. As a result, many believe that the increase in gas prices is just an effect of the new president. Senior Otis Jones shares his perspective on the issue.

“The increase in gas prices makes me upset, it has taken a big toll on my bank account,” Jones said.

Camila Domonoske, a reporter for NPR talks with Patrick De Haan, the senior petrol analyst, “…the blame of this is an economic improvement, Americans getting out and having places to go, the economy is reopening”.

The new average price for gas ranges from $2.80 – up to $3.00. Many wonder how much longer gas prices will continue to stay high.

“Now my tank can cost up to $40.00,” Watling said