Preseason Practice

Spring sports are swinging into motion, and students are getting ready to compete.

Junior Grant Blayter is an avid cross country and track runner. He is currently running preseason track in preparation for the upcoming spring season. Athletes often have reason to look forward to the regular season. 

“I am most looking forward to hanging out with the other cross country boys because I didn’t hang out with them for the winter season, so I miss them a lot,” Said Blayter.

Athletes who compete in Track and Field tend to participate in other sports. They use Track and Field as conditioning for their main season sport. Blayter is no exception to this. 

“I do mainly Cross Country, but I also do long-distance track in the spring,” said Blayter.

One of the most important things for athletes to do is set goals for their season and upcoming races. This strategy can be used to improve times and change your mindset from negative to positive.

“My main goal is to be able to average a mid to low six-minute mile for workouts or long-distance hard runs,” said Blayter.   

Last year the track season was only in progress for two weeks before CHSAA pulled the plug.  This year athletes are hoping it won’t happen again. 

“I’m just hoping that we get a longer season, I hope that we can keep up training until April or May,” said Blayter.  

Although things seem to be returning to normal there are still regulations in place from CHSAA to protect sports and athletes from COVID-19. This will allow the season to proceed like usual. 

“We have to show up in a mask, were in smaller groups, we have to stay six feet apart, and take temperatures at the start of practice,” said Blayter  

Spring sports athletes are hopeful that this year will be better than last year. The spring sports were the only sports that didn’t get a season due to COVID-19, but now that things are looking upward coaches and players are putting on their game faces.