Seasonal Sniffles

seasonal changes change our sneezes, heres some helpful remedies

It’s not only bacteria and viruses that get us sick. Sometimes it just depends on the season.

Seasonal allergies can really be a downer, especially if most don’t know how to properly deal with them to subdue the effects. Approximately 35.9 million people in the United States alone have allergies according to That’s a lot of sneezes.

As the prime time of seasonal allergies occurs this time around, it is helpful to have some ways to at least subside the effects of seasonal allergies. Some ways you can deal with seasonal allergies are:

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar According to, apple cider vinegar is an older remedy that often reduces mucus build-up as well as cleaning out the lymphatic system which is partly why allergies take place.
  2. Antibiotics Whether they are prescribed, or over-the-counter medicines, it’s usually a definite way of getting rid of the symptoms for a long while. Antibiotics such as Claritin, Allergy Relief, or Visine Energy are often used to treat allergies of any kind.
  3. Neti Pot A tea pot-looking object that is filled with sterile saline, which is sodium chloride water. It is equipped with a tip that is inserted through the nostril to clear out any sinuses in the mucus or nasal ways that might be causing the allergies to act up.
  4. Tea, Which is used often whenever someone has a bad case of allergies. Tea is not only a natural remedy, but it also contains anti-Inflammatory herbs/spices and is also known to be beneficial to reduce any borderline allergy symptoms such as sneezing and coughing according to The temperature of the tea may also be a factor in the health benefits. Some tea suggestions would be Yogi green tea, Celestial Seasonings, or Bigelow tea.
  5. Allergy Shots Last but not least, the popular choice of the list, would be allergy shots. For those who aren’t afraid of needles, allergy shots are the number one choice for any allergy type. It’s fighting fire with fire. By exposing the individual who has allergies to the allergen that they are most allergic to in small amounts at a time, this lets the body get more used to the source of the allergies and then forcing the allergies to a complete stop when it is used to it. Which is essentially building up a tolerance. 


Although allergies are a pestering occurrence, there are numerous solutions to deal with them, whether it be simplistic natural remedies or manufactured items made with the sole purpose of fighting off allergies. These choices may all help reduce your allergies to enjoy a sneeze-less winter.