Holiday Food’s and Don’ts

Not everyone can enjoy all food during holidays, mainly due to dietary restrictions

Turkey, ham, pie, mashed potatoes, they’re all foods that are frequently shared over the holidays. But what if some people can’t have those foods?

Whether it be Celiac disease, a diet, or even if they’re plain and simply vegetarian, many people cannot enjoy all the foods at the feast. Many people in Castle View Highschool have dietary restrictions, and a lot of them either substitute foods or simply skip the meal altogether.

Since said people with dietary restrictions substitute most of the foods they are not able to have, there are still a few options closest to the traditional meals served over the holidays.

Some strict dietary friendly options that most people seem to use the most, could be sweet steamed potatoes, breaded Mac-N-Cheese, or just some green bean casserole. But enough with the side dishes, Thanksgiving is all of that stuff anyway. The main things people cannot have are the ‘main course’, i.e. being turkey or ham or roast beef, etc. According to a poll that took place in 2017, 89% of people said that substituting with Squash or Cauliflower was better than picking up pre-made fake turkey meat instead.

So perhaps cook an extra dietary friendly dish, or provide a delicious home-cooked feast that allows that one special person with a dietary restriction to enjoy Thanksgiving just as much.