Tips for Black Friday

Tips to stay safe, while also carrying out the fun tradition of Black Friday

In year’s past black friday was only one day a year, but this year will be different. Teens, and adults from all over would camp outside of stores for hours, but because of the pandemic, this year has been anything but normal. Here are three tips to stay safe so that you can  shop til you drop. 


  1. Always wear a mask. 
  • According to wearing a mask cuts your chance of getting COVID-19 by 65%. 


  1. Wash your hands and apply hand sanitizer on frequently. 
  • Put hand sanitizer on before and after removing your mask and touching your face.  
  • “I personally don’t mind always using hand sanitizer and washing my hands because I just want everything to go back to normal, and I will do anything to help put things back the way they were,”  Aspen Connor grade nine said. 


  1. Don’t go into crowded stores. 
  • Studies show that being in crowded stores makes your risk of getting COVID-19 higher than not being in overly crowded stores. 
  • “I love black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping but I was a bit upset that things were going to be a lot different this year, such as having to wait in longer lines because we have to be six feet apart, not going into some stores because they were too crowded,” Connor said.