Leading Towards Success

Senior Bryce Lutz demonstrates leadership in many activities and describes the importance of leadership.

Carey: What leadership positions do you embody?

Lutz: ”I am the student body President, a captain of the football team, and a part of Link Crew.” 

Carey: Why is being a leader important to you?

Lutz: “Being a leader is important because without one, there would be no direction in what people do and everything would be unorganized. It is especially important right now because a lot of spirits are low and everything’s weird, so we need people to look up to and to lead by words and example.”

Carey: Why do you enjoy being a leader?

Lutz:  “I enjoy being a leader because I like being what people can look up to. I also enjoy it because it is important in this world to have role models and a person that is willing to do whatever it takes for the betterment of the group.”


LEADING TOGETHER: During campaigning season, Lutz and his vice president, Paytra Oldenburg pose for their picture. They were running against another duo, but came out with the win. “I want everything to be great, so I wanna take it upon myself to make everything enjoyable and as good as it can be,” Lutz said.