The Pros and Cons of e-Learning

Students say they like the individual pace, but have a bone to pick about Zoom


Sophomore Sanam Kanchan attends a Zoom meeting on Friday, Oct. 30. Her hedgehog Pumpkin sat with her. “Today I learned that I like online school more than actual school,” Kanchan said. “I like to lay back a little and do things in the comfort of home with my pet.”

What’s your favorite part about e-Learning? Least favorite? Several Castle View students from each grade agree that while online learning can be difficult, it has its silver linings. Here is what they have to say:


Nayeli Zarate, senior –
I like e-Learning because it’s at your own pace.  I do all my school work at night because that’s when I’m off at work.”

Devin Lange, sophomore –
“Since we are at home, my schedule is flexible and I can take breaks and do things with my friends and family.”

Shaye Lovato, freshman –
“I am always there to help my grandmother with tasks and chores, and I’m able to cook my family breakfast.”

Brayden Vildibill, junior –
“My favorite thing about online learning is having the ability to spend a day working at my own pace.”



Nayeli Zarate, senior –
“I hate Zoom calls the most. They are so awkward and I feel bad for the teachers.”

Elizabeth Flores-Quintero, sophomore –
“I’m not socializing with friends. To get help with classes or with a counselor for when I need help is much harder. I procrastinate a lot, and then I feel like I’m not doing well in school.”

Sanam Kanchan, sophomore –
“Zoom classes are annoying. If I could do anything in a Zoom class, it would be leaving. How am I supposed to concentrate when the leave button is bright red?”

Shaye Lovato, freshman –
“Work [is] boring and repetitive… sometimes a students’ home environment is just unsuitable to work in. Despite the consequences COVID-19 had on us all, I appreciate all the hard work and effort teachers and administrators are putting in when it comes to teaching us online.”