Finals and Online Learning, they Don’t Go Together

How finals are stressing us out, and how online learning isn’t helping.

Finals are stressful, no doubt about that. They have such a huge impact on our grades, and for most students, that alone can cause stress. We all need a break from work, especially when that work is stressful. I’d say, studying for finals, and spending alone time to regroup yourself before them have about the same level of importance. With that said, I know that finals are hard to deal with on their own. Balancing finals and work for other classes, while trying to live a life that doesn’t 100% revolve around the school is challenging for students like me. There is a very delicate balance and that balance is hard to find. 

The stress of online learning is starting to affect me too, with teachers assigning more work and time management on our shoulders, online learning is a lot harder than we expected. Now, I’m not saying it’s something that we can’t handle, but chilling out in your room when you’re not on calls sounds much better to students like me. We all also know that we have a bunch of school work to do.

But, if you ask almost anyone which one they prefer between chilling out with music in your bedroom, and school work, I think we’d know the answer. But what happens when you put the two together? Well, that’s when we start to lose our minds. For me, finals were horrific, my stress levels were pretty darn high, and I still had other homework to do. Combine this with siblings running around and screaming, and wanting to go take a nap in your cozy bed.

Finals were in a group by themselves on the “Lose-Your-Mindometer”. Finals adopt a whole new level of stress, and that’s not good for anyone. I know that 2020 isn’t over, and I am not looking forward to any of the other tricks it has up its sleeves.

Now that finals are over, I want to congratulate every one of you, you did it!