Spring Break Corona Style

Aenia Alves tells us what we could do for Fall break now that Covid-19 is here to stick around a little longer.

Unfortunately due to Covid-19, Fall break just won’t be the same as it was last year. With many activities being limited, and many people being cautious, it’s just different. Aenia Alves is here to tell us how she will be spending the upcoming break, and hopefully, spark some new ideas for students.

Since Corona limited many activities that could have been enjoyed over Spring Break, what do you plan on doing?

Alves: “Well, I’m probably just gonna end up spending Spring Break with my sister, friends, and binge-watching Netflix.”

What are some things that other people could do over spring break that’s considered ‘safe’ enough?

Alves: “Well I personally would go longboarding, but any outdoor activity you can think of really!”

It seems that there are numerous outdoor activities that might interest students enough to do over spring break! Even simply working out by running in the mornings or afternoons sounds like a good way to be outside and get some exercise as well!

Alves: “Even though Castle Rock can be a little boring as is, there are still many places to go and explore! So many activities to do outside! Castle Rock has many interesting hidden gems, so go out there and explore!”