How To Survive COVID-19 (Mental health edition)

Some tips and tricks from junior Raymond Chavez on how to stay optimistic during COVID times.


Junior Raymond Chavez, plays with his dog to destress during the school day.

1.) Spend time with a pet.

“One thing I do to make it easier for myself is I walk or play with my dog. This helps a lot because my dog is full of energy so he never stops playing.” 

2.) Get creative. 

“I like to draw because it keeps my mind off of things and keeps me creative,” Chavez said. 

3.) Find a hobby. 

“One tip I have for other students who are struggling is to find something like maybe a hobby that keeps you occupied,” Chavez said. 

4.) Get some exercise.

“I like to go on walks to get some fresh air and to clear my mind. This really helps to calm down and just relax.”

5.) FaceTime a friend.

“The last thing I like to do is FaceTime my friends because keeping in touch during these times is important,” Chavez said.