Covid 19 and Mental Health

Sophomore Leigh Skillin gives us an insight on how Covid 19 really affects us and school.


Leigh participates in their now daily zoom calls to attend classes for school.

Leigh Skillin shares how Covid and eLearning impact her.

Jordan: With the new hybrid learning schedule, we all have to attend online school. How do you feel about it?

Leigh: I don’t like it personally, because I haven’t been learning anything, and the moments whereas I would learn something from being in person just isn’t there, and it’s difficult.

Jordan: Exactly, how would you say it impacts your mental health plus school?

Leigh: Well uh, there are literally distractions from everything, my mental health hasn’t been great since starting e-learning, perhaps from the gigantic pile of assignments, especially since I have little to no help.

Jordan: Do you think other students are struggling with Covid 19, school, and learning in their home environment?

Leigh: I would think so, I mean not everyone would be struggling but I think a large majority of them are. Especially since we don’t know who has issues at home, or just learning issues, or health issues in general.