2016 is the New 1908

Joshua Hermanstorfer, Newspaper- Photo Editor

Cubs fans celebrate the end of a long 108 year World Series Championship drought.

Chicago Cubs fans of all ages erupt inside Progressive field in Cleveland, Ohio as third baseman Chris Bryant fields the final out of Game 7 of the 2016 World Series. On Tuesday, November 2, the Cubs won the deciding contest, and the Commissioner’s Trophy, with a score of 8-7 decided in the tenth inning of play. It had been 108 years since they were last champions.

Cubs fans across the nation screamed, jumped, and even cried as the curse was finally lifted from the beloved Chicago team. Reaching far and wide, the fan base even has strong supporters in Castle Rock, Colorado, 1,033 miles away. “I’ve been a fan my whole life,” said junior Ben DesRosiers, who grew up in Chicago. “I’ve been to a bunch of games. My aunt used to live on Waveland Avenue which is right by Wrigley Field, so we would walk to the games with her.”

Although there was a lot to cheer about last Tuesday night, there hadn’t been much before then for DesRosiers. The Cleveland Indians started red hot and took a 3-1 lead to the series with only one game remaining in Chicago. “Honestly, I was kind of doubtful,” said DesRosiers. “I didn’t think we were going to do it like the Cavaliers did.”

According to the MLB, 29 of the 34 times there had ever been a 3-1 lead in the World Series before this year, resulted in a win for the leading team. Obviously, the Indians were statistically in a good spot going into Game 5 in Illinois.

Because of that fact, Indians fans thought that they pretty much had things wrapped up at that point. “I was very confident,” said junior Ryan Newman. “To the point where I told my friends that we had already won. Then one game led to another, and we lost 4-3 in the series.”

Newman has been an Indians fan ever since he moved to Cleveland from Connecticut 13 years ago. “I started playing baseball around that year, so the Indians were the local team, and I jumped on the wagon,” said Newman.

This World Series was bound to be a special one because it included two teams that had two of the longest World Series Champion droughts of all time. The Cubs hadn’t won in 108 years and the Indians hadn’t won since 1948, 68 years ago.

Newman and DesRosiers were friends heading into the Series, so the trash talk was at an all-time high during the week. After the Cubs flew the W one last time in Cleveland, Newman immediately blocked DesRosiers’ phone number to avoid having to face him. “A lot of emotions were going through me,” said Newman following the loss.

Emotions were high for both fans after the final inning came to a close. “I couldn’t believe it to be honest. I was so happy but I didn’t know what to do. I just kept jumping,” said DesRosiers.

Although this season came to a close with blue and red flooded streets in Chicago, Illinois, Indians fans are still confident in their team. “They got a good, young team,” said Newman. “They hit the injury bug, so they’ll be back next year, healthy, and they’re going to be ready to win it all.”

But as for now, the party goes on in the windy city.