Ask CV: Music Around Our School

What’s your favorite music genre?
Ask CV:
What is your favorite music genre?
Ask CV: What is your favorite music genre?
Jackson Dickerman

We asked students about their favorite types of music.

Here’s what they told us…



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About the Contributors
James Holland
James Holland, Class of 2025, is on staff for the Castle View Student Media.  He is around amazing and talented people all the time even including the newspaper room.  James; goals inside of the classroom is to spread positivity and to make others' day just a little bit better.  His goals outside of the classroom is for his YouTube channel to reach 5k subscribers by the end of 2024.  He wants to be able to make youtube a job and to make more music for his spotify as well.  James' skills that he has under his belt is that he has been a drummer ever since he knew what rhythm was.  His other skill is that he edits his own videos and makes his own thumbnails and is pretty funny as well. 
Susie Nanninga
Susie Nanninga, Class of 2026. One of her passions is volleyball. She has always loved volleyball ever since she moved here in 2017, and has been playing now for almost seven years. Volleyball is a big part of her life, it's something that drives her and has created friendships she will never forget. Susie writes very high quality articles and she has a love for writing stories that interest her and others. Susie is very skillful with cameras and puts efforts toward getting the best picture possible. Susie’s experience in online Newspaper is not much, but she has always loved writing true stories that interest others. Susie has been in online Newspaper for five months now.Susie grew up in Texas for ten years before moving to Colorado. She has been attending Castle View for two years now.
Rowan Sander
    Rowan Sander is a reporter and writer for the CVHS news team.  He will graduate in 2027 and has been writing for CV student media for about a year.  Rowan’s passions include history, sports, and not leaving people in the dark on what's happening in school and in the world.  He is a member of the Castle View baseball team and has experience working in Church, schools, and the actual workforce.  Things that he is skilled in writing are sports, social issues and trends, and things that are popular inside of school and outside.  He joined CV student media because he knew it would be a great way to meet new people and learn new things about journalism.
Eli Remy
Eli Remy class of 2026, he has been in Newspaper for one year. Eli likes to cover the football and basketball games at Castle View. He is skilled in writing about sports, and other things that are going around in school. The reason why he joined the CV Student Media team was because he's passionate about writing stories on sports. 
Micah Lindahl
Micah Lindahl, Writer
Micah Lindahl is a former infant and student at CVHS with a cumulative GPA of 3.33 and impressive attendance .  Micah Lindahl has a few life goals such as retirement and traveling the world, though big and vege these goals will surely grow in the future.  Micah's skills consist of going for long hikes and being a good friend.  At the time this is being written he lives with his two parents David and Lynn Lindahl and has to put up with his three siblings Alexander, Zachary, and Ethan along with their pets which consist of a turtle, a gecko, a snake, two lizards, two cats, and a goldfish.  Micah has job experience in snow plowing with his father for his Neighbors during the freezing winters in Colorado.
Jackson Dickerman
Jackson is in the class of 2027 at Castle View High School. He enjoys cars and how they work. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games, hanging out with friends and driving RC cars . His specialty is aggressively reviewing movies.  He has been a part of the student newspaper for one year.  When he's not hanging out with friends, or gaming, he likes listening to classic rock, like early Black Sabbath or AC/DC. Even if it doesn't seem like it from his reviews he very much enjoys watching movies even when they are bad.   

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