Teachers as the New Students

The inside scoop on how teachers feel about the school after experiencing what it’s like to be a student

Have you ever wondered how teachers would feel if they were put in your shoes? Maybe if they realized how stressful their homework is, they would give you less. Teachers at Castle View have been experimenting with this by being students for a day and following a randomly chosen student’s schedule. According to Katheryn Baugher, “a lot of teachers had completely different experiences and thoughts about their day as a student, and I found it very interesting.”

  “Overall,, my day as a student was really exciting and fun,” said Baugher. “My favorite part was when I got to interact with people and have group discussions about whatever we were learning about.”

  Being a student and having to sit in class day after day for hours can be extremely boring and make students tired and worn out. However, Mrs. Baugher has a different take on it.

  “I surprisingly enjoyed sitting in class for a long period of time, but I can see how it could be stressful and excessive if you do it every day,” says Baugher. “I think shorter classes are going to be the key to getting students to be more focused next year.”

  While Baugher had some great experiences with this, there were a few things that she wasn’t so thrilled about.

  “I hated having an off period, especially for such a long time. I had nowhere to go and I was bored out of my mind,” says Baugher. “If there was one thing I could change about Castle View,”  “I would make a place for students to hang out during off periods.”

  Overall, Mrs. Baugher had a positive experience being a student at Castle View and is happy to be able to say she teaches at this school.