Poms comes to a close

The poms season has come to a close for the 2022 – 2023 school year. They are headed to nationals this Thursday to compete this weekend. As the season is ending the team reflects on the eventful year that they have had. 

“This poms season has been a great year. The team was really enraged this season and we worked really hard to prepare and it payed off,” Troxell said.  

The team puts a lot of effort into the routines that they come up with and compete with. When they are not practicing on the floor they are out enjoying the day with each other. 

“My favorite part of the season was the team bonding. It was a good experience to be able to go out with teams and be able to grow a relationship. We get to go to lunch and hang out and play games at the school. It is fun because the team can build a relationship and be able to work together better,” Troxell said. 

The team has had it’s ups and downs all season, but with there mind on competitions it keeps them focused to win.

 “We travel to other high schools to compete with other teams in front of judges. It is fun to be able to compete in different environments and with different demographics of teams. It keeps our heads in the game and something to look forward,” Troxell said. 

With nationals fast approaching they are ready that ever to end the year on a good note. 

“I think poms will be pretty good next year. We have been able to build up our team with a group of good dancers. It will be fun to see how it will go,” Troxell said. 

The poms team is excited to go to Florida and compete for the last time of the season. We are excited to see them compete!