A Bright Future in School Food

How have school lunches changed over the last two years?

A student holds a chicken wing with mashed potatoes on top, like an ice-cream cone.

The school lunches eaten at the school have significantly improved over the last two years. Back when I was a freshman, the lunches were like MREs. They didn’t taste good. Sandwiches were burnt, parts of the food would be cold while other parts of the same food would be hot, and some of the lunches even got kids sick. Sometimes the food was sticky, so it would stick to parts of the meal that were separate, such as the chicken wing and mashed potatoes. Now in the present day, the food has drastically improved. Some students actually hang around now for the food instead of going off campus for lunch. The food is cooked evenly now and they opened the pasta/taco bar, where you can place a custom lunch order. They added a wide variety of foods; overall, it is a much better quality and quantity of food for students to eat.


Due to Covid-19, lunches at school became free for the last two years. However, now students must pay for their own lunches, which are rather expensive. Some students have an exception though, if they cannot afford the expensive food. The good news is that students who actually need help get it, and it’s a huge step in helping students and their households. Starting next year, free lunch will be returning to CV. The population of school lunch students will only go up from here.