Skating’s Significance

The impact of hockey on high school players is unforgettable


Ryley Lee

For highschool players skating their way across the ice, keeping focused on the game is essential. Senior Grayson Peil faces off at the last game of the season: Castle view vs. Valor. In having his spot secured on CV’s varsity hockey team, Peil is open to all sorts of new opportunities and experiences. “It’s a totally different experience…The step from a club team to highschool feels really massive,” Peil said.

This year the Castle View hockey team’s record was 8-11, ending their last game against Valor with a score of 1-4. Grayson Peil, a senior on the varsity hockey team, thinks the team has significantly improved since the beginning of the season.
“Everyone is able to come together and play with the intensity and maturity that it takes,” Peil said.
Peil has been playing hockey for almost his entire life. His dad got him into hockey about 14 years ago due to the fact that most of his family had played.
“The first time I skated I was about three years old,” Peil said.
This year was his last year playing hockey for CV and he doesn’t intend on playing in college or beyond. Hockey has been a part of his life and high school career for a long time and he thinks it’s fun to see how many people enjoy coming out to watch the games and support the team.
“It’s a totally different experience. It’s kind of changed my outlook on hockey and how far it actually goes and how many people actually enjoy and love the sport and want to see you play,” Peil said.
According to Peil, the transformation from a club team into a high school one is momentous.
“The step from a club team to high school feels really massive. It feels like you’re playing a higher level of hockey,” Peil said.
Students and fans come to see athletes play, including far more than just parents. In addition, the support goes far beyond just the games.
“Having the zamboni in between periods and having people pay to come to your games is pretty surreal,” Peil said.
The improvement that comes from playing on a high school team is really massive. It improves many factors like an athletes’ skill and mindset on the ice.
“It’s a lot faster paced and it’s a lot more physical so it improves your reaction time,” Peil said.
Even though Peil isn’t planning on continuing to play hockey after high school, his hockey experience will definitely not come to an end with graduation. The lessons he has learned on the ice will follow him through many journeys in his future.