Climbing Courage

For CV rock climbers, diving into the unknown, no matter the risks, is required

     In all transparency, rock climbing is an extremely difficult sport. This time consuming activity also might not be one that most are familiar with. Here at Castle View, we have our very own rock climbing team, which many students might not even be aware of.

     All sports take hard work of course, but when focusing on rock climbing in particular- the act of delving into the unknown can be challenging–but ultimately rewarding.

     For junior Emmet Bell, being on the wall has become a true passion, and he has even developed his own definition of the sport.

     “Rock climbing means pushing my limits and going all in, never letting the fear get the best of me,” Bell said. 

     The definition of the sport is different for every competitor, but the bottom line is: rock climbing is risky.

     “[It’s] a dangerous sport, no matter who you are, and can lead to many injuries.” Bell said.

     Although the potential for being injured comes with the sport, the main goal is to test your limits and develop perseverance. Being at a high school level and competing can dictate a lot of factors- and there comes ups and downs with the fact.

     “Being on a school team can be harder when it comes to competing,” but in turn, “I don’t have to meet too many new people,” Bell replied.   

     Competing and working alongside his close friends is one of Bell’s favorite things about being on CV’s team, alongside the need to put a lot of thought into each and every climb.

     From the “adrenaline rush of being high on the wall” to “having to use my brain with my body to solve problems and beat the wall,” Bell always finds something new to love about it. 

     These challenges turn out to be the sole reason for climbing.

     “It has helped my mentality when tackling challenges and has improved my physical condition greatly,” Bell said. 

     As a person, dedicating time to a sport can shape who you are, and rock climbing does just that for Bell. 

     “I love climbing and can thank it for many of my character traits that I have developed,” he said.

     Most sport’s competitors have a goal: a common one being that they overcome their fear and face new things. 

     Rock climbing is the perfect candidate for such goals.