Senior Celebrations

Get an inside scoop on many of the upcoming events for seniors!


With the intensive focus that it may take to prepare for graduation along with extracurriculars like work and sports, events that are meant to celebrate how far all seniors have come, may not be at the top of everyone’s priority list.

Especially throughout this final semester, it’s the seniors’ final chance to enjoy and bask in all the fun parts of high school! This includes dances, pep rallies, rivalry games, and most importantly, Senior Assassin. 

“I am most excited about all of the ideas we in Student Government have been planning for the end of the year. Events specifically focusing on celebrating seniors and our last year of high school, such as Senior Sunset and more I can’t reveal, has kept motivation up,” said one of Castle View’s Senior Class Presidents, Will Mirenda.

Although schedules can be tight and the term “final stretch” may not even be able to accurately depict what this semester feels like to the seniors, it’s important to really take in the positive aspects of this time. 

“In an ideal world, all seniors would participate and show up and show out to the various events, however I know that is not realistic. With work, family, sports, other school commitments, it is an ignorant wish to make every senior participate. Yet what I will say is that your high school experience is what you make of it; you get out of life what you put in as they say,” said Mirenda.

Feeling like you’ve missed out on the most monumental moments in your high school career may not be something that people want to feel, so in order to avoid that feeling, people may try to savor every moment and opportunity that is placed before them. 

“Certain dates of events are still being decided , however some important ones have already been established: Sadies is on January 28, MAD Week is February 6-10, Prom is April 21, and of course the most important date, Graduation, is on May 17,” said Mirenda.