Lunar Love and Luck

Sharing the traditions and experiences of those who celebrate the Lunar New Year


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Traditional colorful Chinese lion. Chinese paper means: good fortune.

The Lunar New Year is a holiday celebrated on a different day each year and although celebrated across the world, it is the most important holiday in China where it originated. This holiday celebrates the arrival of the new year following the lunisolar calendar. The lunisolar calendar is used in many cultures, combining the lunar calendar and solar calendar.

This holiday is very important in China for the social aspect, the economy, and the symbolism behind the new year. It is a common tradition, in households that celebrate the lunar new year, to honor one’s family by enjoying a ‘reunion dinner’ together. Many holidays have a common importance of family, friends and togetherness. Families celebrate holidays in many different and unique ways.

The Lunar New Year is celebrated worldwide with millions of different traditions in millions of families.

Senior Andrea Lee states, “[The] Lunar New Year is a big way for me to stay in tune with my Asian culture because it’s a holiday I’m able to celebrate here in Colorado.”

Lee emphasizes the importance of family, heritage and togetherness.

“We always exchange red envelopes and try to get together! We also cook Asian dishes and sometimes go out to see parades,” Lee said.

The Lunar New Year is celebrated uniquely by different families and individuals.

“Something my family does is we always eat hotpot for our lunar new year meal which is something I always look forward to,” said Lee.

To bring in good luck for the next year, families will often leave doors and windows open. This significant holiday is seen as a time to honor family and ancestors, as well as doing ‘lucky’ things to ensure a lucky new year.

In China each year is symbolized by a different animal. There is a 12-year cycle, but ancient superstitions suggest that when your animal comes around- based on your birth year- you will have bad luck during your year.