Practicing Prior

The process leading up to choir concerts requires a lot more than expecte

     Here at Castle View, there are many different programs that involve music: choir, orchestra, band and even theater. Each class takes a vast amount of both dedication and effort to put in. 

     As for choir, there are several different audition choirs and they all have to take unique steps in order to prepare for concerts. 

     Choir means a lot to the students in it, as it gives them an outlet, and a place to feel like they really belong. For sophomore Emma King, choir takes a lot out of her, but in the end the reward of the concert is more than worth it. 

     “You have to know your material,” King said. 

     It takes heaps of hard work and dedication to succeed in choir and you have to know what to prioritize.

     In practicing for choir concerts, it’s shown to involve a quick pace for these singers as they need to learn music quickly and still leave time to perfect their sound. 

     “Right after a concert, we start learning new music and preparing for our next concert,” King added. 

     There are many challenges that come with prepping for concerts, a common one being the learning of the actual music itself.

     “The hardest thing I face in choir is sight-reading and reading music,” King claims, as she “had to learn it all last year.”

     There are a variety of different emotions that are felt when going into concerts: excitement, pride, nervousness, anxiety, etc. 

     “Obviously there’s tons of excitement because you get to showcase all the hard work we’ve put in,” King said. 

     Excitement is usually a familiar emotion for choir students, but that’s not always the case. The concern of messing up and not doing the best they can is a thought that lingers in their minds as they are going into their concerts.

     “It’s not always excitement, though.”

     There may be feelings of anxiety and worry surrounding the quality of their performance.

     “You always want to do your very best for the audience and Mr. and Mrs. Walter,” King said. 

     The actual performance of the choir concerts takes a lot to execute as well as the choirs end up doing. It is viewed as remarkable considering the practice that it requires.