Saying Goodbye to Seniors

Seniors enjoying their last high school sports before heading off on a new adventure

    For seniors, it’s the last of everything. Last home game, last showdown, last homecoming and more. Over the years these two seniors have grown a tremendous amount as athletes. For Senior Lucas Eftekhar, this is what he has to say about being a student athlete. 

     “The best part about being a student athlete is being a part of something more around school and being able to support my school as an athlete” said Eftekhar. 

For Eftekhar, he cares about being a part of something bigger than just being enrolled in High School. Senior Lauren Gonzalez cherishes the support she gains from her teammates and coaches.

     “I didn’t start playing volleyball until 8th grade because I knew I wanted to play in high school. I’ve been at a bunch of different clubs and a bunch of different teams so they have all been very supportive” said Gonzalez. 

     Support is the one thing that Gonzalez has said that makes her team a team and makes everything go smoother. 

     For these seniors, playing with their teammates and classmates is what makes a senior year while being a part of a sport.