Multisport Menaces

Playing multiple sports can make it hard to balance things like school and a social life

 Over half of high school students play a sport, which comes by surprise to many. Sophomore Caroline Ashworth is on Castle View’s varsity lacrosse team and is hoping to make the varsity basketball team. She is in season pretty much year-round, which really weighs on her both mentally and physically. 

  “I love playing multiple sports because that means that I am most of the time in shape and keeping busy which I love. It can be very tiring on the body and it’s very hard keeping a social life,” said Ashworth. “Off season I have weights five days a week and speed training 1-2 days a week. I also have 1-2 club lacrosse practices a week because my season is year-round. In-season I still have speed training 1-2 times and sports every night after school and lacrosse on the weekends.”


  Sophomore Brooke Humphrey, varsity tennis and volleyball player is extremely busy pretty much every day. 

  “I go to school, have practice for high school volleyball and/or tennis(depending on the season), then I have club volleyball practice, go home, do homework, and  go to bed,” says Humphrey. “It’s really hard to balance school and multiple sports, because I never have time to do anything else or time to relax. It affects me both mentally and physically.” 


  Obviously, being a multi-sport athlete can take a lot of time and be extremely stressful, but the hard work pays off.

   “In the end, it is all worth it because of the memories and friendships I have made through my sports,” says Ashworth. “I wouldn’t trade it for the world.” 

  Humphrey thinks about it the same way. “I love playing sports because it gives me something to do and it is very fun,” said Humphrey.