SAT – Stress Anxiety Trauma

SATs cause more problems than they solve

The SAT’s studying is a long agonizing processes filled with emotions. Junior Reese Olson feel the stress of the test with the testing date coming up. “The SAT’s are really stressful for me personally. I just use Khan Academy SAT prep to try and study. The issue is that there is so much content that you have to get through and on top of all my academic classes that I am trying to focus on currently. Being an athlete and having a job leaves me very little time for myself and leaves me exhausted so I don’t have the energy to study for it”Olson stated.

The SATs are stressful and cause anxiety and pressure in teenagers. Much of teen life is focused on the privilege of education and how valuable it truly is. Junior Donni Cauble experiences the stress of the SAT daily.

“The pressure that is put on this test for high school students across the nation for one day out of the four years of high school is overwhelming,” Cauble said. 

The pressure that high school students face over one test. The pressure of meeting the expectations of your peers and meeting the requirements to graduate high  school is overwhelming. The label’s that you are given based on your scores of the test either you are smart and will get into a good college or you are not smart and need help. This test doesn’t determine your intelligence and the stigma needs to be broken.

“The SATs are not a good way of testing students and do not depict a student’s grades and schools in general,” Cauble stated. 

This test is like no other and there are no good ways of approaching it to study.

“There are no real ways to study for the SATs and that makes it really stressful for students to try and overcome the anxiety of the test,” Cauble stated. This test is huge and you have limited times for each section. Sure, you can get the agonizing 100 Things To Know For The SATs , but to retain that information is too much for one teen to take. The four-pound book that is thicker than a piece of lumber seeming to weigh down your life. College’s test optional applications doesn’t solve the problem.

“Test optional colleges, I believe, are a good idea. Although scenes kids can still submit test scores, there is no real change and it just makes a student’s application weaker compared to others,” Cauble said. 

Getting rid of the SAT as a whole is not the solution, but having other opinions that create more of a student profile other than their test scores.