Mentalizing banners

Showdown banner, who, why, and how

Every year the most exciting part of the school year happens, showdown. There are many events, including making a banner to represent each year. Junior Makenzie Shenton was the lead on this year’s junior showdown banner. “Making the showdown banner was a huge time commitment, I had to do it during advisement along with taking some of my lunches to work on it,” Shenton said. The showdown banner is made of a polyester canvas material. “Since it was this type of material it took a lot of paint because the paint continuously seeped into the material,” Shenton said. Taking on the challenge of doing the showdown banner creates a lot of stress, with doing the fine lines, sketching out the designs before, making sure that the proportions are correct, including the stress of wanting to beat the seniors. Since the banner requires much work that is why an advisement gets assigned to it, it takes multiple people to pull off creating the banner. “I’m happy I had the help from my friends that are in my advisement, I would not have been able to get this down without them,” Shenton said. The banner for showdown takes a lot of work and is a big time commitment, in the end it is very rewarding to see the final product displayed.