Juniors vs. Schedule change

Juniors question the new CV schedule for 2024, as it’s changing their last year of high school.


Example of the 2024 CV schedule; 7 periods instead of the usual 4.

CV’s new schedule for 2024 affects everyone; but one of the biggest concerns regarding the schedule is its effect on this year’s Juniors. Junior Isabella Geiger shares her concerns and advice on how she is preparing for this schedule change. 

One of the first questions most people are wondering; is how juniors feel about this new schedule change taking place in their last year of high school. “I think it kind of sucks, just because it is our last year of high school and it would be nice to just have all four years be the same. But I understand that the change needs to happen at some point. I’m mostly just concerned for the juniors that wanted to graduate this year and won’t be able to.” Isabella replied. This raises some questions, and furthermore some issues. 

Most CV students have been given some insight on what all will be happening regarding this new schedule, but this raises some concerns.  “I am very concerned that it is going to be confusing for us seniors, because we are going to be the ones that have been at the school the longest, therefore it will be very difficult  to adjust. I do also have some genuine concern about how it’ll work overall. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that we’re going to be able to double up on classes anymore, which is very unfortunate. I’m not confident in my knowledge of how off periods are going to work.  I feel like seniors utilize their off periods a lot, So I hope nothing major changes with those. I know a lot of  us Juniors wanted to graduate early, and because of this new schedule  they won’t really be able to.” Isabella says. Her adamant list of concerns for specifically juniors is concerning, but the point that Junior Isabella Geiger tried to make was specifically directed towards early graduates.

Isabella’s list of concerns is definitely overwhelming, but the question is; do our Juniors feel prepared for their senior year? “I feel like I am somewhat prepared, but I also think that I haven’t been given enough information about the schedule to really conduct a plan for how I’m going to prepare myself. I think my knowledge of it as of now helps me to be able to visualize and kind of start thinking about what changes I will need to make and how I can adjust myself.” Isabella replies. 

Although she is concerned about this new schedule, herself and many other juniors are preparing themselves, but how? “ I am making sure that I have everything I need to go into next year and be 100% prepared. I’m making sure that my credits are in and that  I can generally just take advantage of this new school year even though it’ll be a major change.” says Isabella. Although this change is particularly difficult, Juniors like Isabella attempt to look at it in a more positive light. 

While there are many concerns, there are also many positives to this new change. Isabella Geiger makes it a note that there are good things coming out of this. “My main thing that I’m  happy about with the new schedule is that classes won’t be as long, so if you miss a day of school it doesn’t feel like you missed a whole chapter. There are also a lot of learning experiences outside of CV that  offer a lot more. The new schedule is also giving us a better way to have access to those things. I think it will also be a bit more organized and  be more beneficial for credits. In general, we were the one school that had an odd schedule compared to everyone else, so I think it is good that they’re finally making the change.” Isabella concludes. Although the 2024 school year may be challenging, its nothing that CV’s juniors can’t handle.