It’s Over

Two seniors reflect on the end of the football season and how things went

Its Over

How did the season go as a whole?:

  • “The season was bad. Not how we wanted it to go. We had more potential than we had and put it out on the field,” Tashie said.
  • “Not good because we were not very good and we did not execute how we wanted it to end,” Cazer said.

Did you enjoy your final season?

  • “No, I did not enjoy the season because I feel like there were a lot of things we could’ve done better. There was no change in play calls,” Tashie said.
  • “No I did not because we people ruined it for me and it just turned out not fun,” Cazer said.

What do you wish would have been different about your senior season?:

  • “I wish that they would have had more trust in players and that they didn’t pick favorites,” Tashie said.
  • “I wish we won games and were able to have a better record and they had more trust in the players to be able to perform,” Cazer said.

What was your favorite memory of the season?

  • “The season ending and being able to have freetime after school and on the weekends,” Tashie said.
  • “My favorite memory of the season was when winning the last game,” Cazer said.