Clique Culture

Social circles at Castle View are quick to be judged without reason


CJ Brammer

At the beginning of a new school year, Student Government is eager to create a school year filled with fun memories. Student Bailee Blake is confident that they can create a fun- filled year with a great environment at Castle View High School. “Student government is ready for this [by] expanding ideas with more events, giving it all for Hoco and Showdown and getting a better school spirit. We have a lot more people leading by example this year. I think that they will for sure push for a better environment,” Blake said.

     Students have friend groups with different interests. They are comfortable being around their friends, because that’s where students are the most themselves. Many would agree, there are eyes and ears paying attention. Most people say that the culture at Castle View High School was built on the foundation of judgment, in some students’ opinion. For sophomore Erin Emmel, the judgment feels most prominent during school hours.

     “A lot of people give us dirty looks because we are crazy and loud. We also doing things that most people would find to be weird, so I have been judged,” Emmel said. 

     In Emmel’s eyes, she is trying to have a fun time with friends. That means being a little loud sometimes, but that is how she feels most comfortable. She has noticed eyes looking at her with a disgust in their eyes not knowing why. Erin has stated that she has had “mean comments” said to her directly from students that were hurtful and made her seem as though she stated “stuck out like a sore thumb” and not comfortable being herself at that moment. No one can escape the grip of judgment, for sophomore Adrienne Small stated. 

     “Judgment has its ups and downs. I don’t think it is necessarily a bad thing. I think that judgment is integrated into are branis scenes we have been young. It is human nature and we are all judging people all the time,” Small said. 

     For Small, judgment is in human nature. No one can live in a world without judgment, so trying to fix it may not be an option.

     “The answer is awareness,” Small said. 

     Being aware of what is happening and being aware of what a comment might do to someone is a start in her mind. She believes judgment is a part of culture today social influence has a part to play, Small implied.  

     Overall, judgment comes with “ups and downs,” as Small stated. Judgment makes people uneasy students at Castle View all do it. Listening to others and paying attention is a part of our culture with every scroll on social media looking at others with judgment. Being aware is a key part in making Castle View feel also thought to be a better environment.