Changes on the Ice

The hockey team experiences some new changes to the start of their season


Melanie Lussier

Castle View plays against Ralston Valley in the twisted turner tournament at the Ice Ranch in Littleton, Co. Skating hard, the team faced off in a physical game and faced a 2-6 loss. “It wasn’t the outcome we wanted, but the team skated hard,” Alwell said.

     One of the vigorous sports Castle View has to offer is hockey. With two separate seasons, the sport goes nearly year-round with some of the most energetic and involved athletes at CV. The first season of the year is through CPHL (Colorado Prep Hockey League), which is an independent program that doesn’t impact the schools stats or records, and does not go through CHSAA (Colorado High School Athletic Association). Multiple players use CPHL as a way to bond with the team before they play through the school, including senior Robert Alwell.

    “So far, we have had one tournament. The team plays really well together. We mesh like a team should. We haven’t done any official team bonding, but we do bond a lot during practices and drylands, and in the locker rooms and such,” Alwell said.
    The team has ice time almost every day of the week, and drylands (conditioning practices) throughout the week as well. A common goal on the bench is to build up to an unbreakable team.

    “We want to make it to state to ‘show up’ Valor and Denver East especially. Generally speaking, we want CV to be the top name for Colorado High School Hockey,” Alwell said. 

     While the team has high hopes, there are some new aspects to get used to.

     “[Coach] Dubus shrunk our team this year. We have about 15 skaters, which is significantly less than last season. There’s just more focus on individual players and strengthening lines together this year,” Alwell said. 

     Last year, the hockey team had upwards of 20 skaters, and there was a common occurrence where lines would get mixed together and shuffled through different games and during practice.

        “There is a new focus on strategy, and playing the strengths of every player which will hopefully carry the team to a stronger place skillswise,” Alwell said.  

     There are hockey games nearly every week, and tournaments in Texas, Steamboat and all around Colorado during October and November, and the hockey team would love more support from the student body.