Speedy Scholarships

Ace Malone talks about his scholarships and the work he put in to get them


Ben Smith

Winning races comes easy for this athlete. Senior Ace Malone lays down on May 22, 2022 at Colorado’s high school state championship. Malone received first in the 400 meter dash through hard work and determination. “It’s a lot of determination and grit,” Malone said. “Everyday you need to put in more effort than everybody else, and do the small things that other people aren’t doing to separate yourself.”

     Earning a scholarship is no easy feat and takes hours upon hours of work from the start of their sports career. Senior Ace Malone has put in that work by being a three sport athlete. Because of that, he has earned multiple D1 (Division One) athletic scholarships.
    There are different levels of athletic scholarships. Being one of the top track athletes in the state of Colorado, Malone has achieved some of the highest levels a student athlete can receive. 

     “I’ve received some scholarships from  schools in the FBS, Big 10, Mountain West and in the Pac 12 conferences,” Malone said. 

     By earning these scholarships, Malone has proved himself to be a top athlete within the state. Having goals before the season starts is a key factor. By already having the whole state looking at Malone, he understands he needs to have the right goals to keep his reputation immaculate.

     “My goals are to beat the state record in the 400, and run a 21.3 in the 200. I like to set my goals high, and make them hard to achieve so the work being put in has a reward,” Malone said. 

     Earning that first scholarship may be a dream of some highschool students. After the scholarships start to roll in, the process of committing to one may be just as important. As of now, Malone is not sure where he will be going, but he has plenty of options to choose from. 

     “I’m not positive where I will be going yet. I’m almost positive it will be out of state. I’m going to do my five official visits before Christmas and should be committed around that time,” Malone said. 

     After seeing all of his hard work pay off by receiving scholarships, Malone understands the opportunity he has.

     “I’m very grateful for all of them, and it’s nice to see all of the hard work I’ve put in finally paying off,” Malone said.

     A lot of different people look up to athletes such as Malone. He has become a great role model and has built a reputation for himself that is much bigger than the sports he plays. 

      “The best advice I could give out is that everybody needs to work for what they want. If you want a big offer, don’t put in everything you have; the offer will never come. Everyone who wants to compete at the next level needs to understand that no matter how good you are naturally, it’s not enough and you need to work harder than everybody else. Just stay humble, work hard, don’t cheat yourself and you can go far,” Malone said.

     Malone is a three sport athlete and has earned multiple D1 scholarships. He has already broken state records, has earned his scholarships and only plans to improve more and more this season.