Prom 22′

The prom court for 2022 was released and the winner was no surprise

Prom 2022, the roaring 1920’s. That is this year’s prom theme at Castle View High School. Our students have now voted for the prom court nominees. The prom court this year concludes with Marianna Carpenter, Emily Bonse, Cecilla Marlowe, and Shelby Foote – Cj Mullens, Ethan Marti, Lucky Cochran, and Herschel Craig. The winners were Cj Mullens and Marianna Carpenter were chosen to be our prom king and queen. 

Marianna Carpenter was chosen as this year’s prom queen and shares her thoughts and feeling on that exact moment of receiving the crown. 

“I feel happy to be on prom court! I felt happy and super excited I loved the dance after they announced it!” said Carpenter. 

She has been super honored to have been on the court and even win prom queen. She has been on the homecoming court before and cannot believe that she had won prom queen. She felt excitement rush through her body when they called her name and it felt like a dream to walk up and get a crown placed on her head. 

I have been on court before [but it still] felt good and exciting!” said Carpenter. Carpenter feels honored and can’t put into words how she was feeling that night as she heard her name get called alongside Cj Mullens. 

Prom 2022 had been a blast for so many people and especially for Marianna and Cj, will forever be memorable to them both. King and queen we, Castle View High School, congratulate you both.