Summer Fun

Summers coming quickly and there are so many fun activities that will be available

With summer incoming quickly, it’s good to get out of the house, enjoy the outdoors and have some fun with friends and enjoy the summer. 

     According to a survey given out to 53 students, 30.2% of students like hanging out with friends. Hanging out with friends is the best thing to do in the summer according to students like sophomore Brady Young. Spending time with people and friends can distract the mind from the stresses of our normal everyday life. 

“Hanging out with friends is just a part of summer,” said Young

     According to the same survey, 26.4% like water-related activities. Like other students freshman Charles Dawson like water relater activities in the summer.  Either in a lake or pool, going into a source of water is a nice way to cool down on a hot day. Hanging out at the pool or lake in a boat and getting some food sounds like a fun day to have. At a lake, activities like water skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, kneeboarding, or just swimming are fun to do. 

On a nice hot day cooling down in some water is great,” said Dawson

     Another 22.6% of the surveyed students including freshman Mason Mamula enjoy going up to the mountains and having fun. If adventure is what you seek, going up to the mountains is a great thing to do. There are lots to do in the mountains but some personal favorites are hiking, biking, the alpine slide, walking downtown and sightseeing. Going up to the mountains can be beautiful and extravagant to the eye due to the vast array of plants, animals, and rivers. While up there you can go hiking which can give you some exercise while going through amazing places. Just biking around is fun and provides healthy exercise. 

“The mountains are a great place to be and I like being there,” Mamula said.

     The remaining 20.8% of the survey including freshman Evan Wallace liked going outside at night and playing games. Even when the sun goes down there is stuff to do. For instance, stargazing or playing capture the flag, or another night game. Activities at night can be fun due to not being in the hot heat and in the cool night under the moon. Stargazing is a fun and relaxing activity to just unwind and think about stuff. Or playing night games is a fun thing to do.

“Night games are a great and fun thing that I love to do with my friends,” Wallace said. 

     Summer is almost here so maybe start thinking of ideas and activities to do with family and friends.