Get Fit and Don’t Quit

Student athletes stay in shape over summer with workouts and practices


With summer around the corner, athletes from all sports are figuring out ways to stay fit over summer break. Student athletes are trying to remain in the best shape to keep their spot on next year’s team. With so many students at Castle View, the competition is high and student athletes need to maintain their health and skill level to secure a spot on their selective team. 

     With Castle View’s high standard in sports, freshman,  Peter Jean-Baptiste, a player on the freshman football team, notices this and is always set to compete at a high level no matter what. 

     “Football demands a lot of hard work and dedication, so you have to be ready and determined all of the time,” said Jean-Baptiste. 

     Student athletes such as junior Danny Martinez who have been playing sports throughout the entirety of their high school career know how important staying in shape is.

     “The last three years of doing this, I’ve been in really good shape and been able to get faster and stronger,” Martinez said. 

     Athletes like Martinez and Jean-Baptiste know how difficult it is to stay in shape especially in the summer without having practice and training from coaches.