Posing for Prom

Marsia Bracke tells how she got proposed to for prom by her boyfriend

Prom is right around the corner and has been coming faster than a blink of an eye. Junior Marisa Bracke has been looking forward to this year’s prom with her boyfriend. She describes her proposal as perfect. 

“My boyfriend was super cute, he did his proposal as an easter egg hunt all around town on Easter. He did it so perfectly and made it very enjoyable for me,” says Bracke. 

This year’s prom is at the Vehicle Vault because of the theme, 1920s Hollywood. Girls love to get ready together with their friends. They have to find the perfect sparkly, satin, or flowy gown for their perfect night. They do their hair and makeup and get all ready for the night. Taking photos with their group, their date, and will hold that memory for the rest of their lives. 

“I’m very excited about prom this year because the venue is super nice and a lot of people are going. Getting ready with my friends and taking pictures is one of my favorite parts of going to dances,” says Bracke. 

Marisa Bracke was asked by her boyfriend in a very heartwarming way which made her feel appreciated and special. Her proposal made Easter very special and memorable for years to come. 

“Being asked made me feel so good it was super thoughtful and he brought me to all different meaningful places around town for the scavenger hunt and it was just amazing,” says Bracke. 

Promposal has been very popular this year at Castle View in many different creative ways. That year our student body is doing a competition for the best promposal gets two free prom tickets for themselves and their date. This has made many people including Marisa very intrigued and excited but for her, it is more about it being memorable.