Summer Socials

Sophomore Lincoln Zeeck explains that Summer is a time for fun and relaxation.

Summer “is filled with good memories,” sophomore Lincoln Zeeck said.

“My grandparents owned a cabin up on a lake in Montana, when I went up there for the first time when I was 11. You can go jet skiing, and fishing anytime, and it’s always fun,” Zeeck said. Summer is packed full of good memories which are made by letting go and enjoying some more free time.

“Put yourself first, before a class or activity you don’t like,” and “be able to recharge and forget about school responsibilities for a couple of months, so you’re fresh for the next time you have those responsibilities,” Zeeck said. School responsibilities can be weighty and summer is a chance to let these go. Just one of the few good things about summer is an opportunity to meet new people.

A chance to“ make new memories, friends, and really live,” Zeeck said. “I’m going to an Air Force Academy summer camp for Civil Air Patrol,” Zeeck said.